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Pop Art artist and much more, he says, Paco Roum was born in Fontainebleau in 1968. After years busy developing networks and selling real estate, he finally decides, recently, to put his talents in motion artistic.

Optimism, color and peace have always reigned under this tempestuous and dented skull ... He works on all types of media and uses various techniques which make his contrasting painting an atypical chaos between black and colors. bright and fluorescent pigmented ... His pandas and skulls from his series "Peace of Heads" already bear witness to the message that Paco Roum wishes to transmit to the world: "Let us leave the animals in peace and give our planet common sense and serenity...

pandy-face-120x120 cm
happy-koala-80x80 cm
Green Pandy
quiety-pandy-60x120 cm
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