Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves (b. 1983) is a Portuguese artist, based in Lisbon who’s inspired by urban life. Making use of supports with multifaceted characteristics – from painting to illustration, from tattoos to Street art. 

The work of Tamara Alves represents an erotic view of a contemporary body with the effects of its own limits expanded. Instead of a rational thinking there’s a rough passion, a body-without-organs, a becoming animal, the experienced sensations, "starving histerical naked" (Allen Ginsberg). 

Since 2000 that she has been a part of several projects, group and solo exhibitions, street art interventions and she's one of the most notorious female street artists in Portugal.


Bruno Boffa

Né à Bruxelles en juin 1968, passionné de voitures et d'art depuis l'enfance. Il a opté pour des études artistiques à Saint-Luc Bruxelles. Après 25 ans comme graphic designer en agence de publicité, Il décide en 2016 de se consacrer totalement à mes passions, l'art et le monde de l'automobile. Inspiré par le Pop et le Street Art, c'est alors qu il réalise ses premières œuvres. Il sur le teme des légendes du sport automobile mais également celles du cinéma et des séries télévisées qui ont bercé son enfance … 

Capture d'écran 2019-12-05 15.41.41.png


Is a visual artist from Cáceres, city of Extremadura in spain.

She was born in 1983.

She grew up in spain and began painting at very early age.

When Ana was a teenager, she enrolled the school Escuela da arte de merida and developed her love of drawing. 

Her work can be found in public and private art collections in spain., Italy, France or Australia.   She won many painting awards and is considered since 2015 as part of the most representative woman of Extremadura.

In 2005, Ana moved to Lanzarote, a volcanic Island where she stayed for 8 years. She worked as a theater scenographer on a big scale surfaces and also as a drawing & freehand illustration teacher.

Her artwork vary from micro painting to large format murals with a variety of brillant colors portraits and landscapes.

her style is largely influenced by classical realism and hyperrealism with inroads into surrealism style.

In 2013, Ana got into a wonderful world of tatoo and began her first tatoo apprenticing in Sidney, Australia. in the tatoo world, Ana Anita la sainte ) is famous for her meticulous personal attention and her sens of details. 

Every design is unique and will never be tattoed twice.

Ana is reconized for her acute perception of the beauty and talent to reflect emotions. 


Originally from Nice, on the Côte d'Azur,

O gringo has always been passionate about art, especially photography, architecture and the art of plastics, where he has followed varied courses, ranging from sculpture, academic drawing and plastic art. 

His artistic work tells a story, challenges it, or every detail of his pieces represents a moment of his life through his goal ... 

He always looks to the future based on the artistic movements of the past that touched him, inspired, as if his life was a scroll of images and continuous emotions.

Anyone who discovers the works of the artist O gringo is challenged by the creativity and singularity of his paintings.

Superpositions of original photographs, work of depth, spiritual evocation, modernity and history that collide to better unite ...

Difficult to describe the work of this artist niçois passionate about art, photography and architecture, trained in sculpture, academic drawing but also in the plastic arts.

It is during his many travels that he photographs details, sets, and pieces that compose his works as if to tell a story.

"My artistic work is immersed in a moment of life through my goal ...

I have always gone to the future based on the artistic movements of the past that touched me, inspired, as if my life was forbidden images and emotions continues. "

This is how he superimposes photos of women he sublimates jewelry, very present in his work as a thread. "The jewel brings the luxurious and glamorous touch that enhances feminine sensuality. "

In the collection of 12 paintings named "Adam and Eve" O Gringo, we have this story of love, sin and vanity, an evocation of a Garden of Eden as a lost happiness.

For "Holy Apparition", the original works in the stained glass windows of the Vatican marry precious stones that play on the sometimes daring contrast between spirituality and materialism.

A new collection "Azuleros" inspired by Portugal will be unveiled during a solo exhibition in Paris, a collection called "Amazon, Mother Nature", under the sign of the Indians of Amazonia and their rich culture ...


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English has produced images on the street, in museums, in movies, books and television. He coined the term POPaganda to describe a mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the movie Super Size Me, and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents. Other characters in English’s paintings, billboards, and sculpture include three-eyed rabbits, cowgirls and grinning skulls – visual, with humorous undertones.    

English has an early background as an art reproducer. He has initiated and participated in illegal public art campaigns since the early 1980s. Ron English street art activities are the subject matter and covered extensively in the Pedro Carvajal documentary titled Popaganda.



Ron English - Calçada Cem
wharol by Ron English
Ron English - Calçada Cem

WHILS  ( Alexandre Farto )

Vhils - street art - Lisboa

One of the top street artists today, Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils, is continuing to evolve and push his trademark style. Emerging on the scene in 2008, his work, which consists of chiseling away layers of walls using a variety of tools, made him an instant sensation. Over time, the Portuguese artist has honed and refined his technique, using it across different media to great effect.

By cutting and carving his way through cities around the global, he's acted both as an urban archeologist, revealing layers of history, and as a sculptor using his tools to reveal a message hidden within the wall. It's no wonder that, in 2015, Forbes magazine counted him as one of the esteemed “30 under 30s” in Art & Style.

Part of Vhils' success is owed to his willingness to push himself beyond the limits of the wall. Whether it be collaborations with U2 as part of their Films of Innocence videos or by giving back to his community through the Underdogs arts center in Lisbon, he continues to prove that street artists hold a place in the contemporary art community.

Vhils - street art - Lisboa
Vhils - street art - Lisboa
Vhils - street art - Lisboa
Vhils - street art - Lisboa
Vhils - street art - Lisboa
Vhils - street art - Lisboa

PAPA MESK ( Julien Odic )

Papa Mesk - street art

Writer, engraver, rapper and beat-maker, Papa Mesk aka Mesk1 (Julien Odic) was born in 1972. He has a bachelors in visual artist from Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He has been doing graffiti since 1986 and founded his own group, the UTP Crew. Papa Mesk has left his trace on the palisades of the Louvre, the Stalingrad quarter, in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. He lives in Fontenay Sous Bois today. Side by side, his graphic designer profession gave him a whole new artistic approach. The artist draws inspiration from various contemporary artists (Mucha, Klimt, Mondrian, Massoudy...) and graffiti artists (Futura 2000, Dondi, Lee, Rammellzee, Seen, Bando, Mode2, Lokiss). Enamored by calligraphy, he mixes various inspirations and skills in a prolific and protean manner. The artist explores techniques and colors through an avant-garde style and in the same lines of Urban basics. Once it matured enough, his vehement style began to sway between Old School and New School. Due to his explorations, he has turned towards new mediums and formats (exaggerated details) with the same rigor and meticulousness. Papa Mesk opted for canvas where several influences echo brilliantly. He builds up and is at the mercy of the moment, these include an accumulation of tags. The artist distills drops of saturated colors and pays a lot of attention to detail. A true demiurge, he manufactures his own inks in order to have complete mastery over his art. Behind each of his textures, pigments and binders, there is an elaborate thought process. In the course of his evolution, his work has multiplied with its abstract and graphic trends. Dynamism, color and evolution are the in-built trio of his career. The artist exhibits in Paris very often.

Papa Mesk - street art
Papa Mesk - street art
Papa Mesk - Complex city
Papa Mesk - street art
Papa Mesk - street art
Papa Mesk - street art


Auguste Artiste

Born in 1977, French artist Auguste hails from the famed Bordeaux region of France. Though he studied disciplines other than fine arts, Auguste always felt compelled and drawn to the art world. Ultimately he followed his passion for the visual arts, finding his unique artistic vision and voice and is now known for his colorful contemporary Pop Art-inspired and nostalgia-evoking works.

Auguste terms his oeuvre “Generations” as his works revolve around a central theme of pop culture icons from the past. Conjuring memories of previous eras, his pieces depict celebrities, super heroes, and other iconic figures in conjunction with American and French marks to provide the viewer with a reminiscent glimpse of past epochs.

Working with a variety of materials, Auguste uses an unusual medium of aluminum along with digital collage and acrylic paint and uses automotive varnish (Aston Martin) to give his works a modern glossy finish. He places importance on form and shape to create the puzzle piece contours and embraces the use of color to create captivating pieces that captivate not only due to the content but fascinating aesthetic.

Auguste has exhibited his works throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is currently based out of Bordeaux, France.

Auguste - Calçada Cem
Auguste - Calçada Cem
Auguste - Calçada Cem
Auguste - Calçada Cem


Prefab 77 - Calçada cem.

Prefab77 is an art collective creating premium quality art prints in small limited editions. They create unusually elegant street art and prints, but their approach is never simple and superficial. Beauty itself is not their final destination – behind their carefully executed and always profoundly beautiful artworks,  It's the bold and the beautiful as you've never seen it before. They clash traditional iconography with violent motifs and over-sexed rebels in distinctive collages that will stop you in your tracks. 
Creating, hard edged and stripped down artwork that is often political, always beautiful, small pieces of modern popular culture, pure rock and rebellion reflecting on the passing of our familiar institutions, shadowy establishment on the take and take small bites out of the underbelly of our modern culture that gets more bizarre with each passing day.

It is a dark word of money, fashion, music and politics woven into a luxurious mixture of acrylic, spraypaint, wheatpaste and varnish. 

Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem
Prefab 77 - Calçada cem


Sandra Chevrier- Calçada Cem

Sandra Chevrier is a canadian contemporary / pop urban artist, known for her captivating portraits of women from The Cages series. Born in 1983, Chevrier got her Bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts from UQAM – L’Université du Québec à Montréal. As a self-taught artist, Sandra Chevrier first fell in love with art as a kid, to her; Art rapidly became a language on its own. At first, she draw sketches of eyes, all the time. This initial obsession is highly visible in her present work. Sandra likes to describe herself as a “gaze collector” and her work; a dichotomy or a dance between power and fragility, freedom and captivity, the poison and the cure. Her work is exhibited internationally and her artworks are now in the collections of art collectors all over the world.

Sandra produces work ranging over vastly fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication, exposing the limitations of our world; our self-imposed expectations and the cages we have allowed to bar us from the fullness of life’s experience. With work demanding to be dissected beyond its surface value, Chevrier's portraits are quite literally torn between the fantastical heroics and iconography of comic books and the harsher underlying tragedy of oppressed female identity and the exposed superficial illusion it conveys.

In addition to exhibiting a male-dominated world within her 'Cages', Chevrier's subjects denounce the role given to the female counterpart therein, refusing to play the part of seducer or victim. In the greater body of Chevrier's work, the images used within the 'cages' range from scenes of conflict, triumph and defeat. They also represent the social limitations, which corrupt what truly is beautiful and lock women into prisons of highly-codified and narrow identities. By doing so, they are asked to become nothing short of superheroines.  Sandra paints masterfully detailed portraiture, making her women seemingly emerge from a surreal world, onto the canvas, wherein a dance is performed between reality and imagination, truth and deception.The artist chooses to highlight the fragility of the superhero, their struggles and weaknesses, and exposes the humanity within the superhuman. Despite all the playfulness of the thing itself and all the “CRASH BAM POW,” superheroes are also fragile. We are merely human men and women, and we are entitled to our flaws and errors.

Sandra chevrier - La cage et le pouvoir des dieux
Sandra chevrier - La cage entre la lumière et l obscurité
Sandra chevrier - La cage,toi, moi et le reve


T. Gautier is a painter born and living in France. Automobile professional, passionate about drawing and illustration, he will naturally focus on the artistic way. Self-taught, his first paintings speak to purists and beautiful cars lovers, subject he knows and which he finally speaks in his own language. Insatiable and prolific, he will be interested later on different topics, such as the animal teme or the popular and iconic figures.

Constantly translating the elements and characters that have been part of our lives, T.Gautier, through his work, lets hover a scent of longing and a certain emotion.

T.GAUTIER - Jean Paul Belmondeau
Sioux tribute 1 by T. Gautier
Sioux tribute 2 by T. Gautier
Triomph on the beach by T.Gautier
Paris by T.gautier


Enjoy denial / Calçada cem

Daniel Joseph Bombardier a.k.a DENIAL a.ka. ENJOY DENIAL is a Canadian stencil and mural artist whose work critiques consumerism and the human condition. Though based in Windsor Ontario, DENIAL spends much of the year travelling and exhibiting throughout Canada and USA, having done solo shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2000 Daniel adopted the moniker 'DENIAL' as a means of poking fun at advertising, politics and media messages that contemporary society is often 'in denial' about. Since then he has maintained an ongoing global street-campaign of over 500, 000 stickers, placards and murals, using the alpha-numeric characters 'D3N!@L'. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurdism, DENIAL also challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his bold and often satirical visual subversions.

In 2012 Daniel started 'Free 4 All Walls' which is the largest public art project of its kind in South West Ontario. Bringing artists from around the world to beautify and re-invigorate public walls around Windsor, the government funded program has been a huge success in supporting the local community and promoting the value of street-art in contemporary society.

Invited artists who have painted murals include: Nychos (Austria), Bask (USA), Omen (Canada), Ben Frost (Australia), Nosego (USA), Persue (USA), Rime (USA), Above (USA), Elicser (Canada), High 5 (Canada), Nekoes (USA), Labrona (Canada), Gaia (USA), Kwest (Canada), Spud (Canada), Earthcrusher (Canada) , Czr Prz (USA), Chou (Canada), Uber5000 (Canada), Anthony Lister (Australia), JUSTONE (Dubai), Deadboy (Canada) and XRAY(Canada). The project intends to continue well into 2016.

Enjoy denial / Calçada cem
Enjoy denial / Calçada cem
Enjoy denial / Calçada cem1.33.41.png
Enjoy denial / Calçada cem
Enjoy denial / Calçada cem


Chloé Rox / Calçada cem

Chloe Rox is a self taught contemporary artist

Each of her prints is hand finished which makes every print unique. Chloe uses real diamond dust and glass embellishments along with other techniques to make her work stand out and come to life once lit.

Chloe manipulates her images to give them a 3D dimension.

Chloe Rox also produces original contemporary acrylic on canvas works.

Each piece of her work has a message attached. She is a humanitarian and animal rights campaigner, having a strong moral philosophy.

Chloe likes her work to evolve organically and typically each piece has a message attached to its creation.

Original pieces can be up to 6 layers of inks, resin, acrylics.

Moneroe by Chloé Rox
Grace by chloé Rox
Chanel by Chloé Rox
Some like it Hot - Chloé Rox


Edu Danesi at Calçada Cem

 Native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Edu Danesi has lived and worked in Belgium since 1996. A few years after his graduation, from the city of Brussels school of photography, the photographer converted to painting.

Predominantly Self-taught, he works with several techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, graffiti and stencil on various media such as canvas, wood, metal, on body parts or simply the walls ... Edu believes "The importancy ' is that the image speaks, she passes something, an emotion ... "

   He's been quoted as saying It is this mixture between the photographer's vision and work of the painter, with a touch of southern blood, giving the images a cocktail, full of colour, sensuality, poetry, provocation and positivity ...

   A cocktail of full emotions.

Scandal by Edu Danesi
Blue butterfly.jpg
Le mans by Edu Danesi
BB by Edu danesi
Edu Danesi
Edu danesi
Papa Mesk - street art